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Planning Applications

The Parish Council discusses new planning applications in Appledore at our monthly meetings and votes on whether or not to support them before they are considered by Ashford Borough Council.

Members of the public may comment on applications during the open session of the meeting.

Comments on individual applications can also be made directly to Ashford Borough Council planning department.

Public Consultation on the Built Confines of the Parish of Appledore

As part of the local plan to 2030, the Local Planning Authority is reviewing the built confines for Appledore and Appledore Heath. The areas represent those parts of Appledore where you find continuous and contiguous housing by visual eye and physically on the ground. See link below to see an illustrative map The defined area is used when planning officers consider applications for homes across the whole of the parish. When an application for one or two new homes is made on land within or next to these areas, planning officers are more favourable to grant permission over an application made on land many miles from these areas. You may or may not agree with where the areas have been drawn. The general public can make comments and criticisms to the parish council to be passed on to Ashford Planning Departments. All comments to be with the Parish Clerk (Mary Philo) for the council meeting 4th February or very shortly afterwards.


Contact details for Mary Philo:                01797270790            

Or contact one of your parish councillors.


Built Confines of Appledore  map pdf and legend or map jpeg