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Parish Council Field

The Parish Council owned field is situated adjacent to the doctor’s surgery in the centre of the village. It has been submitted as a possible development site within the Ashford Borough Council Local Plan 2030.

Parish Council field

History of the proposal
Following a consultation by Ashford Borough Council (A.B.C.) regarding the emerging Local Plan 2030 and a call for future development sites, Appledore Parish Council submitted its field along with Dr Colledge’s field to A.B.C.’s initial consideration stages for a development to include mixed housing with an enhanced surgery and small private offices.

Since the original submission the situation has changed and the surgery is now scheduled for closure.

A.B.C. asked the parish council in early 2016 to reconfirm its position with regard to the field’s inclusion in the Ashford Local Plan 2030.

The proposal was discussed at a public meeting called by the Parish Council  on 29th February 2016. Full minutes of the meeting can be read in the Agendas and Meetings 2015-16 section of the website.